"The Funnest Band In The Whole World", the Pot Bellied Stallions play an incredible variety of enjoyable music!

 Pot Bellied Stallions
Pictured (L-R) Jim , Maxine , Dave, Steve & Steve

The Pot Bellied Stallions have been playing in the Duluth/Superior area for over 25 years. They feature Maxine Rhodes (Miss Minnesota Country 1994) on lead vocals  as well as the multi-talented Steve Maida on vocals, keyboards & guitar.


                    Maxine Rhodes - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion

Steve Maida - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

Dave Patterson - Drums , Vocals

Jim Saylor - Guitar, Vocals

Steve Netzel - President & CEO, Bass, Vocals

A Night with "The Stallions" is a Night of Fun!